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1 March 2021

Ferry Across the Mersey

› Ferry Across the Mersey The Mersey Ferries is a ferry service that runs between the Pier Head at Liverpool, and the Wirral terminals at Seacombe, Wallasey and Woodside, Birkenhead

Lyrics/Video - Shakermaker

› Lyrics/Video - Shakermaker Sifters records is a second hand record shop in Didsbury a southern suburb of Manchester

Lyrics - Willesden Green

› Lyrics - Willesden Green Willesden Green is the title of a song written by Ray Davies and performed by The Kinks and is included in the soundtrack of the 1971 film Percy

Lyrics - Common People

› Lyrics - Common People The school was immortalized in Pulp's song Common People, as the place where the woman who caught Jarvis Cocker's eye (along with Jarvis himself) studied

› Lyrics - Homeward Bound
› Lyrics - Ian Dury‘s early band
› Lyrics - Itchycoo Park
› Lyrics - You Cant Always Get What You Want