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21 September 2021

Video - Bittersweet Symphony

Published: 2009-10-29


The video starts out in the junction Hoxton Street - Falkirk street

The entrance to Hoxton park September 2006

Hoxton park September 2006, walking same direction as in the video

Passing a girl in the video, Hoxton park visible on the right

Bricks and railings surrounding Hoxton park visible on the left

The park on Richards left, the park entrance

Park railing and surroundings in the video and same location September 2006

One of the streets passed in the video Tyssen street

Hoxton street on a sunday September 2006

Richard standing in front of the Golden Fried Chicken shop at the start of the video

The Golden Fried Chicken shop in September 2006

The end of Hoxton Street, having walked from where the video starts

The Verve - Hoxton Street

Hoxton is an area in the London Borough of Hackney, immediately north of the financial district of the City of London. The area of Hoxton is bordered by Old Street to the south, City Road to the west, Regents Canal on the north side and Kingsland Road on the east.

The area was used in 1997 for the filming of the video for the track Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve, the video features Richard Ashcroft walking along Hoxton Street bumping into people seemingly oblivious to their presence.

The starting point of the video is 94 Hoxton Street, the Golden Fried Chicken restaurant at the corner of the intersection between Hoxton Street and Falkirk Street. Richard Ashcroft walks along Hoxton Street with few continuity errors. This video was shot during the course of two days due to a man, not knowing it was a video, attacking Ashcroft after he bumped into him on the first day, extras were therefore used during the second day of filming. The end of the video leads into the beginning of the video for "The Drugs Don't Work". The video has often been thought to have been inspired by the video for "Unfinished Sympathy" by Massive Attack.

The area looks much the same in the present-day, Hoxton street market being a lively market on Saturdays.